A Peculiar Calling

A Peculiar Calling: Confessions of a College Fund Raiser


My second book features the first 80 “The Fund Raiser” columns I wrote for The Chronicle of Higher Education from 2001 to 2008. Here’s the teaser:

For seven years, Mark J. Drozdowski has shared his insight, wit, wisdom and humor as “The Fund Raiser,” a monthly column in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Here in one complete volume are his first 80 columns, dating from 2001-2008. Discover how Drozdowski tackles such knotty issues as minority scholarships, massive endowments, billion-dollar megacampaigns, professional certification, donor relations, campus politics, career advancement, alumni communications, and management and leadership. Join him as he fumbles his way on the golf course, on the racquetball court, on the ski slopes and at the billiard hall. Experience life on the road and meet characters such as Bill Daly, Dan Dinero, Eva Dents, Bill Fold, Mr. Whirlybird and Massachusetts Fats. Above all, learn how fund raising has reshaped American higher education and how money influences important decisions.Drozdowski draws on 17 years of toiling in the trenches of philanthropy, finding humor and purpose in every day. With an unmistakable voice, Drozdowski weaves a story of one man’s journey through seven years of learning and living the peculiar life of a college fund raiser.

Available on Amazon.


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