My Bracket of Madness

Well, there goes my perfect bracket. Alas.

My Final Four teams are still alive: Kentucky, Arizona, Virginia and Gonzaga. I’m picking Kentucky to beat Gonzaga in the final game. I’m waaaay out on a limb on that one, I know.

I did not see UAB over Iowa State and Georgia State over Baylor coming. If you say you did, you’re lying. If you chose both of them in your bracket, you probably don’t know much about college basketball. You likely chose teams randomly or by location, by color, by mascot or by name recognition. You did not have a hunch.

By the way, yesterday began Round One of the tournament. Not Round Two. Don’t tell me those “play-in” games constituted the first round. No. Robert Morris didn’t make the second round of the tournament as a 16-seed. They made the first round and will get clubbed.

In fact, let’s just jettison all this play-in nonsense. Go back to picking 64 teams and be done with it. Make the tough decisions. Get a spine, tournament committee. We’ll get over the snubs.


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