Funny Dog-09
Do you love dogs but don’t want the hassle of owning one?

Let’s face it: dogs are cute and can be lots of fun, but who wants to deal with the barking and whining, the chewed slippers, the daily feeding routine, the walks and, of course, the poop?

At Hire-a-Hound, we offer a part-time, worry-free dog ownership experience. You can choose from a wide range of breeds, from perky poodles to pernicious pit bulls, along with an adorable array of mutts. Rent your pooch by the hour, or choose our monthly plan that includes up to three on-site visits a week.

Here’s how it works. First, pick the dog of your dreams. Second, give it a name you or your kids have always wanted to call your pet. It doesn’t really matter because they don’t respond anyway. Third, treat your new pup to our two-acre dog park featuring a variety of obstacle courses, watering holes and private spots for sniffing and social exploration. Feel free to take photos with the family, and be sure to participate in the time-honored tradition of pooper-scooping so you’ll know what you’re happy to be missing.

When your time has expired, simply return your dog to our rental facility and sign up for your next visit. You can reserve your new pooch or choose another until you find just the right match.

So come visit Hire-a-Hound and enjoy dog ownership on your terms. Your part-time pet awaits!


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